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My Contributors

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who contributed to not only my website, but to the idea, and betterment of Dia’s Do It Yourself Fitness.

Thank you!  May the Universe keep you in good health and prosperity!

Founder Dia Fitness Coach and Figure Competitor


First contributor

Ms. J.B. Websites, artist and poet

Ms. Jane B. graciously donated her time by making all the arrangements regarding my host, building the structure according to my non artistic descriptions, spending time on the phone with customer service; and Ms. J.B. showed me how to pick up where she left off in adding pages, pictures, and posts to my original site.



I would like to thank all members of Dia’s Do It Yourself Fitness for all your likes, shares, and referrals.  I appreciate all the discussions you participated in and all the praise you guys and gals have given me.  I appreciate it and I hope that I can continue to inspire you to greatness.

I will rightly guide you!